Main Characters

Brief bios and descriptions of the ten main characters in Legend of Dragoon.

Name: Dart Feld

Age: 23

Height: 178 cm (about 5'9")

Race: Human

Hometown: Seles/Neet

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Dragoon Spirit: Red-Eye Dragoon (Fire-based) and Divine (Non-Elemental)

Dart is the main character in Legend of Dragoon. He is a strong leader and has a fierce sense of justice.
At the beginning of the game, he is searching for the Black Monster who, 18 years ago, killed his parents. When he returns to a ransacked Seles and learns about Shana's kidnapping, his quest becomes much more involved then revenge.
In Hoax, a female warrior named Rose awakens his Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit, and gives him the ability to transform into the Red-Eye Dragoon.
As he travels across Endiness, he learns much about the Moon That Never Sets and the Black Monster, and more about the history of Endiness (as well as his own family) and how it is affecting his fate as a Dragoon.

Name: Rose

Age: Over 10,000 years

Height: 170cm (about 5'6")

Race: Human

Hometown: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Rapier

Dragoon Spirit: Dark Dragoon (Darkness-based)

Rose is a beautiful, strong, clever, and daring female warrior with a tongue of fire and a heart of ice. She is very knowledgable about the Dragon Campaign, Dragoon Spirits, and other things that aren't very well known in the modern times of Endiness.
She meets Dart in the beginning of the game after she saves him from Feyrbrand, and follows him to Hoax, where she reveals that he is one of the Dragoons from the Legend and teaches him the ways of the Dragoons. She feels a special connection to the other characters, and therefore joins them in their journey (even if she doesn't act like she really likes any of them...).
Though she seems trusting, there is a mystery about her that she will share with no one, making her personality dark and riddling...

Name: Lavitz Slambert

Age: 34

Height: 170 cm (about 5'6")

Race: Human

Hometown: Bale

Weapon of Choice: Javelin

Dragoon Spirit: Jade Dragoon (Wind-based)

Lavitz is the head of the First Knighthood in the kindom of Basil and serves under King Albert. He was raised by his father Servi, who was also a Knight for Basil. King Albert considers Lavitz one of his most trusted men and best friend.
He first met Dart while escaping Hellena, and since then has acted like an older brother to Dart. He constantly tries to hook Dart up with Shana.
Lavitz inherits his Dragoon Spirit after he defeated Greham, who betrayed his father. Sadly, in his second visit to Hellena, Lavitz meets his fate at the hand of the mysterious man, Lloyd, but gets a chance to see his friends one last time in the Death City Mayfil.
Lavitz, after his death, is replaced in the game by Albert.

Name: Shana

Age: 18

Height: 170 cm (about 5'6")

Race: Human

Hometown: Seles

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows

Dragoon Spirit: White-Silver Dragoon (Light-based)

Shana is a sweet, caring young lady with pure heart. She is always looking out for others and helping those in need. She is the daughter of the Mayor of Seles and Dart's childhood friend and secret lover.
Although she seems common, she has mysterious powers that come into play several times, usually when she is around a Virage. She doesn't understand these powers and becomes flustered when they appear.
To Dart's reluctance, Shana joins him in his quest after he rescued her from Hellena Prison. She is weak, however, and is constantly being hurt. After a trip through the Dragon's Nest, Shana became poisoned. When Dart brought her the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit, she was healed. It is then she became the White-Silver Dragoon.
In Deningrad, Shana becomes terribly weak and her Dragoon Spirit leaves her, accepting Miranda as the new White-Silver Dragoon.

Name: Haschel

Age: 60

Height: 163 cm (about 5'4")

Race: Human

Hometown: Rogue

Weapon of Choice: Fists/Claws

Dragoon Spirit: Violet Dragoon (Thunder based)

Haschel is an old friend of Dart's and meets with him in Lohan during the Hero Competition, and from there he joins Dart and the others on their journey. He is a rambunctious old man with a big sense of humor, though he is serious when he needs to be (well, most of the time... ;).
Haschel is a master of martial arts and has been searching the globe for his missing daughter, Claire. He also feels he has a mysterious relation with Dart (who's mother is also named Claire).
He inherits the Violet Dragoon Spirit after the defeat of Doel and joins in on the mysterious quest with the other Dragoons.

Name: Albert

Age: 26

Height: 175 cm (about 5'8")

Race: Human

Hometown: Bale

Weapon of Choice: Javelin

Dragoon Spirit: The Jade Dragoon (Wind-based)

Albert is the rightful king of Serdio. When Albert was six years old, his father, Carlos, was murdered by his uncle, Doel, who then became the Emperor of Serdio. This divided the country into war, and into two parts: Sandora (to the south) and Basil (to the north). Though Albert is the rightful king of all Serdio, he only rules Basil.
Albert is a gentle, wise man with a wide vocabulary and soft personality, and enjoys politics and books. He joins Dart after Lavitz was killed in Hellena, and this is when Albert also inherited the Jade Dragoon Spirit. King Albert considers Lavitz one of his best and most trusted friends, and it was Lavitz who also taught King Albert how to use the Javelin.
When Albert travels to Fletz, he falls in love with Princess Emille.

Name: Meru

Age: 16

Height: 154 cm (about 5'1")

Race: Wingly

Hometown: Wingly Forest

Weapon of Choice: Hammer

Dragoon Spirit: Blue Sea Dragoon (Water-based)

Meru is a bright and cheery young girl with a short temper and a huge hammer. She is one of the most popular dancers in the flower city of Donau (or so she claims...).
She is easily bored, and often loud and somewhat annoying.
Meru becomes part of the party in Donau, and she offers Dart and the others a "tour" of the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. She is usually hanging around Haschel and causing trouble.
Meru inherits the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit after the defeat of Lenus. She is very happy to get her Dragoon Spirit.

Name: Kongol

Age: 37

Height: 250 cm (about 8'3")

Race: Giganto

Hometown: Land of Gigantos/Sandora

Weapon of Choice: Axe

Dragoon Spirit: Golden Dragoon (Earth-based)

Emperor Doel rescued Kongol when he was only a boy after his town had been attacked by bandits and is the last of the Gigantos. After that, he became a warrior for Emperor Doel. However, after Doel died and Kongol was defeated by Dart twice, Kongol turned over a new leaf and saved Dart and his friends from a falling pillar in the Land of the Gigantos.
Kongol has a nickname of the "Devil God", because of his mass strength and incredible fighting skills.

Name: Miranda

Age: 25

Height: 170 cm (about 5'6")

Race: Human

Hometown: Deningrad

Weapon of Choice: Bow

Dragoon Spirit: White-Silver Dragoon (Light-based)

Miranda is the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau and a loyal servant to Queen Theresea. She is a tough-talking girl with a sad past. She was abandoned by her mother when she was young, and soon after her father died. She ran away to Deningrad to preach about love, but wound up fighting. She was then adopted by Queen Theresea and became the First Sacred Sister.
Miranda inherited the White-Silver Dragoon spirit after Shana became too weak to control it. Miranda does not get along well with Rose, and they are constantly fighting. She is very much always an angry person, but has a strong loyalty to her closest friends.

Name: Lloyd

Age: Unknown (doesn't say)

Race: Wingly

Hometown: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Dragon Buster

Lloyd starts out in the game as the Hooded Man and is the one behind Shana's kidnapping, Lavitz' death, and the stealing of the Divine Moon objects, which he is using to create his utopia. Dart and company will be chasing Lloyd for most of the game.
Lloyd is strong and dangerous, carrying with him the Dragon Buster, a sword made by the ancient Winglies used specifically for killing dragons and Dragoons. Though he joins the party temporarily about halfway through the game (after he is defeated in Fort Flanvel), he is not a playable character. (Too bad...)
However, as bad as he may seem, he appears to have a special feeling towards Wink, the Third Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau. ;) (at least I like to think so...) And although he plays the "bad guy" for most of the game, he DOES realize his faults, and tries to help the Dragoons at several points afterwards.